Tuition & Policies

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

Registration Fee of $35.00 per dancer will be due at time of registration along with completed registration form and $25.00 upfront payment for the Holiday Showcase.  Both these fees are non-refundable.


Tuition Rate Schedule (non-refundable)

30 min - $45.00

45 min - $50.00

1 hour - $55.00

1.5 hours - $63.00

2 hours - $70.00

2.5 hours - $78.00

3 hours - $85.03

3.5 hours - $93.00

4 hours - $100.00

4.5 hours - $105.00

5 hours - $110.00

5.5 hours - $115.00

6 hours - $120.00

6.5 hours - $125.00

7 hours - $130.00

7.5 hours - $135.00

8 hours - $140.00

8.5 hours - $145.00

9 hours- $150.00

**Please check with the office for hours over 9.

August tuition is pro-rated at ½ of regular tuition and will be due before your dancer(s) start their first class(es) in August.  

Siblings hours are combined for tuition calculation.  Adult Classes are billed separate.


Account Balance/Payment Policies
-Tuition invoices are emailed at the beginning of the month and are due upon receipt.  To avoid a late fee, tuition must be paid in full by the 15th of each month.  After the 15th of the month, payments are considered late and a $15.00 late fee will be added to your account.  All tuition must be paid within the month it is due for a dancer to remain enrolled in class.  

-Every student must have a $0 balance to participate in the showcase.

-Statements will be emailed for overdue account only or by request.  

-There will be a $30 charge for all checks returned from your bank.

Payment methods include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, debit card, cash, check and online payments (debit or credit cards). All checks should be made payable to ELEMENT. Please put student’s first and last name and what you are paying for on the check.  Beginning October 1, 2015, Element will assess a 3% convenience fee for all credit card and debit card transactions made at the front desk of the studio. The assessment fee does not apply to online payments. 

No refunds or deductions are given for missed classes.  Please make sure students are on time for all classes.  Classes missed because of illness may be made up in another class.  Good attendance and being on time is very important for your child to progress.

In the event of severe weather, it may become necessary to cancel classes for a partial or full day.   In general, if schools close due to inclement weather, the studio will generally be closed.  You may check your email, our website, Facebook page or Instagram.  Please call or email the office for a make up time in an alternative class.

In an effort to make every minute of class time valuable, we do not allow visitors in any of our classrooms during class times.  We offer a Holiday show off performance in December that is open to parents, friends and family. In this performance, you will learn more about your child’s teacher, exactly what each class has been working on during the Fall semester and get to see a performance from each class.

In order for your child to get the full benefit of lessons, it is important that the teachers be able to devote all class time to teaching. We ask that class time not be interrupted. If you need to discuss a matter with a teacher, please contact the office and we will set up an appointment.

Please check Facebook and your emails for current information, updates, changes and payment due dates.  You can also call the office staff from 1pm to 9pm, Monday - Thursday.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons are available in any style of dance.  Contact the studio for available times and prices.

Dress Code
Proper dance attire is important and will be strictly enforced. Students will not be allowed to participate in class unless dressed properly. See the Classes page for all attire requirements for individual classes.