Please Note:

Class schedules are now posted on our website so parents and students can see all classes available for Season 8.  New students are added to classes based on their age level and evaluated during the first couple of weeks of classes.  Any recommendations for changes are made on an individual basis.  Please review the schedule below and let us know if you have any questions.

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Pre-school (age 3-4)
These classes are 45 minutes long.  This is a class designed to prepare young dancers with instruction of ballet, tap, tumbling and jazz techniques. At the end of the year, students will have been introduced to the basics of dance, the stage and terminology. Dancers should wear a leotard and tights.  Dancers will need pink ballet shoes and white or black tap shoes.  Each dancer should have a dance bag to store shoes in during class.  Names should be written in all shoes.

Combo Jazz/Acrobatics and Ballet/Tap (age 5-6)
These classes are 1 hour long and designed to be 30 minutes of each subject. These classes are a prelude to formal instruction of ballet, tap and jazz. Each class consists of warm-up, barre exercises, terminology, center floor and choreography.

Tap/Ballet - combo dancers should wear a leotard and tights. Dancers should have black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.  Names should be written in all shoes.

Jazz/Acro - combo dancers should wear tight fitting dance clothes and tan jazz shoes.  Names should be written in all shoes.

Ballet (age 7+)
Ballet is the foundation for all dancing. Ballet enhances coordination, increases strength and flexibility and develops grace and discipline. This training is the most important dance training a student will have, as it is the technical basis for all other types of formal dance.  

Ladies: Ladies should wear black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  Hair must be secured back away from the face in a bun.

Men: Men may wear black tights or black athletic knee-length shorts and a white tee shirt with no print. Men should wear black ballet shoes.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe (age 7+)
Pre-pointe is a prelude to formal pointe instruction and available to any dancer that also takes two (2) ballet classes.  Pointe is an audition-only class for advanced dancers. Auditions will be held the first week of classes. Ballet dress code will apply, dancers will need pointe shoes.

Jazz (age 7+)
Jazz dance classes will give students the opportunity to continue growing as an artist, offering various styles of jazz dance throughout the year. Jazz will focus on isolations of the body, stretching and lengthening the muscles, and strengthening the dancers technical abilities. Tight fitting clothing such as jazz pants or hot shorts and a dance top should be worn. T-shirts are not to be worn in class.

Contemporary (age 10+)
Contemporary dance classes will give students the opportunity to continue growing as an artist, offering various styles of contemporary dance throughout the year. Contemporary will focus on creating art though communication. With a ballet foundation, contemporary is a favorite among many dancers creating an outlet for expression.

Tap (age 7+)
Tap will teach children rhythm and coordination. Students will learn tap terminology and apply rhythm and timing though combinations taught through out the year. Dance clothes of any style and black tap shoes.  Please do not wear tap shoes in the hallways.

Hip Hop (age 5+)
Hip Hop classes focus on contemporary hip hop movements found in videos and commercials put to music appropriate for the age of your child. Specific terms and steps are taught and rhythm skills are emphasized in this style of dance. Dance clothes of any style. Dancers should wear tennis shoes, combat boots or any shoes appropriate to the hip hop genre that they are comfortable in.

Tumbling and Tricks (age 5+)
Tumbling classes focus on strength, flexibility and coordination. This class will teach your child the skills needed to execute steps from forward rolls to back handsprings and more. Tight fitting clothing will be required for this class. Jazz pants or hot shorts and a dance top are required. No T-shirts or flowy tops are to be worn.

Musical Theater (age 12+)
Musical Theater dance will teach students many different styles of Broadway Dance. Musical Theater dance will be taught for the advanced dancer. This is a great class to improve the student’s performance and stage presence skills! Tight fitting clothing/dance attire and jazz shoes.  T-shirts are not to be worn in dance class.

Voice Lessons (age 8+)
Students interested in  voice lessons should indicate so on their registration form. Once all requests have been submitted, lesson times will be assigned. Voice lessons will give your child an opportunity to learn the basics and techniques of solo singing. Advanced students may be asked to perform in the Showcase.

Adult Cardio Hip Hop (19+)

Adult classes are offered for dancers of all levels. Cardio Hip Hop students work on cardio exercise, stretching and hip hop dance choreography. Our adult students are encouraged to participate in our showcases, but it is optional.

Adult Ballet (age 19+)

Adult classes are offered for dancers of all levels. Ballet students learn the foundations of ballet and work on improving technique. It includes, but is not limited to, barre work, across the floor and leaps and turns. This is a non-showcase class.