About the Studio

Conveniently located in Hampton Cove, Element Huntsville is beginning it’s 8th season of dance education! We have an incredible staff of trained dancers and teachers and offer classes for ages 2+!

When we began thinking about a name for our facility, we wanted one that would inspire and motivate both the students and teachers.  We went back and forth with several ones, but finally came to an immediate agreement on one in particular:  Element.

Element Company 2018-5864.jpg

The definition of Element is:  “A part or aspect of something, one that is essential or characteristic.”  The arts influence and inspire our character every day.  We want our students to gain strength and confidence; making the time they spend with us at our studio a significant “Element” of their lives.

Just as our studio is one element of our dancers’ lives, each and every student, parent and supporter is one element that makes up our studio as a whole, and in turn makes our students and us successful.  Our first year was a blessing beyond words.  We can’t thank our dancers and their families enough for being with us since our inaugural year in 2012.

From dancers interested in dance as a fitness outlet to those interested in becoming a professional themselves one day, we strive to provide our students with every opportunity possible so they can each reach their individual goals.  The arts can change a life; we are grateful and humbled you have given us the opportunity to influence your dancer.

We believe strongly in the power of the arts to not only better an individual but also the lives of everyone we meet.  We stress the importance of support for each other, respect for ourselves, our teammates and other artists, and finally one love that brings us together creating a safe place where artists can grow creatively.

To quote our mission statement:  “We inspire artists to push beyond their limits, giving them the strength, confidence and the technical ability to accomplish their individual goals”